Tad Ermitano

Film Rebel


DIORAMA PROJECTS is pleased to announce the next in our series of DIORAMA PROJECTIONS, featuring the video work of Tad Ermitano, a media artist based in the Philippines.

Tad Ermitano (May 1964) graduated from the Philippine Science High School in 1981, and studied Biology at the University of Hiroshima.  He holds a Bachelor`s degree in Philosophy from the University of the Philippines, but trained in film and video at the Mowelfund Film Institute. He currently designs and mixes sound for digital features and produces video for projection in a variety of stage/concert contexts. He has also collaborated with choreographers of Ballet Philippines in the creation of several video dance pieces, and was the sole Filipino artist selected to exhibit at the Ogaki Biennale 2006 New Media Festival and the Main Juried Exhibition of ISEA 2008.  His single-channel films are distinguished by a playfulness underpinned by a dreamlike logic that reflects his training in philosophy and the sciences.  His videos include Sausage, The Retrochronological Transfer of Information, and Hulikotekan v. 2.1, the last two of which have been screened at a number of international festivals, including the Yamagata International Film Festival, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival.  His facility with a broad range technologies has caused the focus of his work to expand to include the use of computers in performance and installation contexts. Aside from creating computer-video installations, he performs audiovisual pieces, both solo and as part of the experimental media group The Children of Cathode Ray.

FILM REBEL will feature a number of short experimental videos and video documentation which introduce and look in more detail at the artist’s highly innovative practice, channelling the capabilities of different technologies in such a way as to challenge the limits of cinema.

Tad Ermitano, Quartet, 2008

Tad Ermitano, Passage, 2011


The Retrochronological Transfer of Information 11 mins, 1994

/mutation 16 mins, 2005 (excerpt)

Shift Register 0 mins 36 secs, 2006

Spinning Jimmy 2 mins, 22 secs, 2007

Quartet 5 mins, 22 secs, 2008

Twinning Machine II 8 mins, 8 secs, 2010

Passage 2 mins, 46 secs, 2011

A live internet discussion with the artist will take place during the screening.



Saturday 26 February 2011


2P Contemporary Art Gallery, Hong Kong