Dinu Li

Hadas Tapouchi

The screenings will be followed by a live internet discussion with the artists from Manchester and Tel Aviv. 

Dinu Li was born in Hong Kong Kong and currently lives and works in the UK and China.  Encompassing video, photography, performance and installation, Li's practice centres on the relationship between the personal and the political, the public and the private.  Shaped by forces that determine our social structures, Li draws inspiration from engaging with the many cultures he encounters.  Informed by cinematic traditions, Li's productions are situated between documented facts, oral histories, chance observations and figments of the imagination.  Motion and sound is manipulated - prolonged, reduced or distilled - to explore the concepts of space and time.

Hadas Tapouchi was born in Israel in 1981 and studied at the Minshar School of Art and holds masters degree from the Beit-Berl Academy of Art.  Tapouchi uses photography, performance and video to expose the complexities of contemporary Israeli society.  Through social experimention, observation and overt provocation, her work creates a portrait of a society from the perspective of a member of Israel's Third Generation. 


Dinu Li  - Crescendo, 2010, 7’

Oscillating between risk and defiance, rationality and absurdity, Crescendo  is a performance-based video accompanied by appropriated film archives in an attempt to confront the uneasy tension between state-funded propaganda and self-initiated protest. 

Hadas Tapouchi - Moel – Yad (The Salute), 2009, 6’

Moel – Yad, meaning “salute” is a social experiment that provides insight into Israeli society past and present. The work questions the elements that generations of Israelis have been brought up to hate, and taught to fear.  Perhaps the most despised enemy of all is suggested in the form of a man dressed in an approximation of a European military uniform performing a form of salute.  As the man stands in the centre of Tel Aviv the film examines the reactions of bystanders, men, women and children of Sephardi and Ashkenazi backgrounds, Arabs and Jews as they walk past the figure standing in the centre of Tel Aviv and considers how their assumptions direct their actions.

Hadas Tapouchi - Third Generation Pride – Siren, 2009-2010 

Part of the Hadas Tapouchi’s Masters research, Third Geneneration Pride - Siren is an experimental work that seeks to examine the possible link between war and sexuality and more specifically contemporary queer culture in Israel and Germany in the cities of Tel Aviv and Berlin using photography and video.



11 December 2010


2P Contemporary Art Gallery