I'll Be Your Mirror - Portraits of Artists by Virgile Simon Bertrand

Wednesday 16 March 2011

5pm - 12pm

Admission by ticket only, available through http://www.hongkongartwalk.com/

17 - 23 March 2011 free admission

On the occasion of Hong Kong’s biggest charity art event, the Hong Kong ArtWalk 2011, 2P Contemporary Art Gallery presents I'll Be Your Mirror, a special exhibition of award-winning portraits of Hong Kong and China’s most respected and established contemporary artists by Hong Kong-based French artist Virgile Simon Bertrand.

Reinstating formality in portraiture using his distinctively ascetic and contemplative style the photographs evidence the creative dialogue between Bertrand and his subjects.  I'll Be Your Mirror features portraits of leading artists including Hiram To, Kacey Wong and Ho Siu Kee from Hong Kong and Yin Xiu Zhen, Liu Ye and Zhu Wei from China.  The exhibition will run for one week until 23 March 2011.


Virgile Simon Bertrand, Zhu Wei, 2007