Ha Cha Youn


Ha Cha YounSweet Home 4, 7'57", 2009



Sweet Home (2004), 2’30”, 2004

Balade dans Paris, 4’42”, 2006

Sweet Home 4, 7’59”, 2009

Bassin des Recollets, 3’37”, 2009


DIORAMA PROJECTS is pleased to announce the second of our DIORAMA PROJECTIONS featuring the video work of visual artist Ha Cha Youn, a Korean artist living and working in France.

Ha Cha Youn was born in Masan, Korea in 1960.  Since 1983 she has lived and worked in Germany and France and is currently living in Paris.  She studied visual art in Nimes and Poitiers in France and in Braunschweig, Germany.  She has exhibited her work at the Seoul Art Centre, Hangaram Museum, the Gyeonggido Museum of Modern Art and the Gyeongnam Art Museum, Korea, the 6th Biennale of Issy, and at the international Biennale of Contemporary Art, Melle, France.

For over twenty years, Ha Cha Youn has used the ubiquitous, multi-functional plastic bag in her work, mundane objects that have become symbolic of over-consumption, pollution and environmental meltdown. Despite these connotations, the plastic bag also serves as an ephemeral marker of human presence.  Through this object, Ha Cha Youn considers the precariousness of daily life; consumption, migration, deracination and the alienation of homelessness.

This selection of videos includes Localization a documentation of some of Ha Cha Youn’s earlier installations andSweet Home (2004) a performance by the artist in the Paris subway where she spends the night on temporary bed constructed from polystyrene.  In the powerful 2009 video work Sweet Home 4 a collection of abandoned suitcases is tossed, crushed and destroyed by a construction digger.  As the suitcases fall apart, the personal belongings of anonymous owners are violently consigned to the dirt.

A live internet discussion with the artist will take place after the screening.


Thursday 23 September 2010


2P Contemporary Art Gallery, Hong Kong


Ha Cha Youn, Sweet Home, 2"30", 2004