Future Platform - Urban Planning and Architecture Agenda

Diorama Projects is proud to support

FUTURE PLATFORM - Searching for the link between Urban Planning and Architectural Agenda

A Collateral Event of the 2013 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Hong Kong) UABB (HK) with CUHK x OIL Programme 

26 January 2014 until 15 February 2014
Mon 14:00 - 20:00
Wed - Sun 10:00 - 20:00
30 January 10:00 - 17:00
Closed Tues and 31 January, 1 February 2014
Activity Room 2, Oi! 12 Oil Street, North Point
Admission free

"Future Platform" presents a series of design proposals for Hong Kong created between 2012 and 2013 by postgraduate students from the Design Studio at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s School of Architecture.  The studio, headed by Yutaka Yano, Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Architecture, encourages students to form their own understanding of the cultural and socio-economic framework of our city through design investigation, using research as the basis for creating an “architectural agenda”.

The exhibition showcases proposals for Swire Properties’ Taikoo Place Development in Quarry Bay and the MTR’s Union Square and sets out a new master plan for the West Kowloon District using architectural models and drawings.  The studio considered the cultural, socio-economic, planning and land development conditions present in each location, identifying key issues and concerns before redesigning these sites within their site-specific parameters, such as creating room to house an additional 200,000 people in West Kowloon District, searching for innovative engineering solutions to the technical challenges of high rise construction and the problems created by infrastructure in areas of high density.

The resulting design proposals presented in “Future Platform” are a combination of technical innovation and awareness of local cultural and social issues which can not be overcome by engineering solutions alone, for example "how can we preserve or extend the local urban character which has developed organically over many years?"  The exhibition offers a fresh perspective on Hong Kong’s future from a new generation architects and, from a broader perspective, the future the role of architects in Hong Kong.

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Forum: Searching for the Link: Urban Design and Architectural Agenda

Introducing The Material Culture Index and Words For Pictures

The Material Culture Index

Diorama Projects is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative, the Material Culture Index.  

The idea behind the project is simple.  Guests will be invited to contribute a visual list of objects that they have recently acquired relating to "culture" howsoever they chose to interpret term.

Based on the data gathered, contributors will be invited to make tentative conclusions on the nature of material objects and culture.

The Material Culture Index


Words For Pictures

Words For Pictures comprises an archive of exhibition essays and articles from 2008 to the present.

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AAA Sites of Construction: the moving image as a site of art historical construction @ Spring Workshop

Diorama recommends the following screenings at Spring Workshop Hong Kong...details below.

Asia Art Archive
Film Screening

Sites of Construction:
The moving image as a site of art historical construction

The documentary form has been employed in myriad ways to record the ecology of the art field, offering endless potential to create new stories, complicate old ones, and circulate them to an expanded audience. This screening series looks at how documentaries can shape the way histories of art can be constructed, remembered, mystified, and debated. The programme has been developed in partnership with selected Hong Kong institutions with an interest in film and art to reflect the diversity of interest, perspective, approach, and audience. Over 20 selected titles will be screened at multiple venues. This series will end in October to coincide with Asia Art Archive's symposium ’Sites of Construction: Exhibitions and the making of recent art history in Asia.’

Spring is delighted to be a Programme Partner for Asia Art Archive’s screening program. 3 films on artist Liu Xiaodong 劉小東 will be screened at Spring:

Wednesday, 25 September
7pm Hometown Boy
Director: Yao Hung-I 姚宏易 (Taiwan)
2011| 72 minutes | Mandarin with English subtitles

Thursday, 26 September
7pm Yanguan Town
Director: Yang Bo 楊波 (China)
2009 | 35 minutes | Mandarin with Chinese and
English subtitles

*7.45-8.15pm: Discussion with artist, curator and Chief Editor of Chutzpah! Ou Ning 歐寧 and Sigg Senior Curator of M+ Pi Li 皮力 in Mandarin

815pm Dong
Director: Jia Zhangke 賈樟柯 (China)
2006 | 66 minutes | Mandarin with Chinese and
English subtitles

Date Wed-Thur, 25-26 Sept, 2013
Time 7pm

Place Spring Workshop 3/F Remex Centre, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong


Cost Free


Diorama at La Biennale di Venezia 55 Esposizione Internationale d'Arte September 2013

What's not to like?

Venice in autumn, no summer heat, no queues for gelato and no fractious art people who have, by now, already 'done' the Biennale. 


JEREMY DELLER: English Magic 

British Pavilion

"The hen harrier (Circus cyaneus) is one of the rarest birds of prey in the UK and often suffers from persecution due to its predation of grouse.  On 24 October 2007, a wildlife officer and two members of the public observed a pair of hen harriers being shot out of the sky as they flew over the Sandringham Estate.  The only people known to be shooting that that day were Prince Harry and his friend...The police investigated ...but the case was dropped as the carcasses of the birds could not be found.  The painting seen here depicts a giant hen harrier taking revenge on a passing Range Rover."  Extract from exhibition notes.


A free cup of English Magic...


ANRI SALA: Ravel Ravel Unravel 

French Pavilion

Raveling, unravelling and the music of Maurice Ravel.

Two musicians interpreting the same piece of music, DJ Chloe spinning and mixing the two tracks as the audience drowns in glorious sound surround Ravel...


LEE KIT: You (you)

Hong Kong

Nice desk.


David Diao A Bitter Pill for Harper's Bazaar Art May 2013






Asian artists in the international art system. Discussing David Diao's unexhibited series 'Yellow Peril'. Words by Davina Lee for the inaugural edition of Harper's Bazaar Art, edited by Hiram To and featuring contributions from Doretta Lau, David Boyce, Paul Foss...